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"My name is Chris but I go by POW, I'm also known as DJ POW since I am a DJ as well. An interesting fact about me is that I'm probably the smallest person in drifting haha! I've been involved with cars since I was 16, I started AutoX in a hand me down 1997 4 Cylinder Automatic Camry and was hooked! The crazier thing was that I was actually competitive in the class I was racing in and I was only 16 beating out Porsche's and other crazy super cars that I wasn't suppose to be beating! I don't even know how I saw over the steering wheel. As I got older I got a job and bought my first car, a 2008 Honda Civic Si. Right when I got it I knew I wanted to start racing it. My parents weren't too happy with me racing the car since it was brand new but that's what I wanted to do. I started racing in Redline Time Attack and in my first year racing I won a championship in my class and also Rookie of the Year. It was an amazing experience with a lot of learning and that's when I decided to try something new so I got into drifting! It took me about a year to complete the car build so for this year I will be going for my license in a full season of Vegas Drift Pro-AM. Getting a car to slide is actually my main style of driving, even in a front wheel drive car since in theory your suppose to drive a fwd car "sideways".

What advice would you give to someone that wants to start drifting?

If I were to advice to someone that wants to start drifting, first I would buy a car that is RWD and probably a popular platform so that parts are readily available such as a 240sx. Next I would make sure that the motor is in healthy condition and that it is safe and sound to be put up to the abuse of drifting. Once you make sure everything is fine, weld the diff and go have fun. Many people think that you have to mod your car first to learn but honestly I learned with just a welded diff and a completely stock 240sx with stock suspension and stock motor. Just have fun but most importantly be safe!"

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"Chris 'PoW' Billedo, a driver who started at a young age of 16 has developed to be a driver of many skill sets. POW is a two time Redline Time Attack Champion of the Enthusiast Front Wheel Drive lass and the 2010 Redline Time Attack Rookie of the Year. Having almost 9 years of racing and drifting experience, POW is now working with Spec Drift to help teach and improve the ability of beginner drivers or experienced drivers wanting a different approach or opinion on the sport of drifting. Not only is POW a skilled driver but is a capable engine builder having built a 500 Horsepower KA24DE-T in his personal S13 240sx. POW looks forward to the 2015 Spec Drift season and is excited to help people in their journey of being the best driver they can be."


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