Kenneth Moen

Nissan 240sx

Kenneth Moen, is recognized as one of Scandinavia most successful drivers. From an early age, Kenneth had success in many different forms of motorsports and is now ranked as one of the best drifters in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. In the last 4 years, Kenneth has competed and done drifting shows at high profile events and competitions across Europe.

Born: 22.05.1979

Occupation: Drifter

Looks up to: Kasama (Japansk D1 legende)

So where do I start it's been a crazy few weeks in the USA.It all started about 6 weeks ago when I got to Limitless motorsports and started final prep off the car for the 2014 season. Some big changes in the off season with my program and mainly changing car and tire team. My good friend and spotter Faruk sourced a S14 and the chassis was prepped and started at limitless motorsport.

The main ingredients being a Nissan S14 chassis that I know really well. 2JZ engine which has become my partner in drifting the last few years. A very trick Selhom Sequential transmission from Sweden. My Buddy Christer flew in from Norway and made sure our engine was in tip top tune with 700hp thanks again to HPS for letting us use there dyno.


2010: 1 place breisladden, Gatebil festival Mantorp. 1 place breisladden Gatebil festival Rudskogen september. Scandinavian drift champion.
2009: Norwgian drift champion.
2008: Norwgian drift champion.
2007: 1 and 3 place Belgia Zander, Dutch drifting series
2006: 1 place Breisladden gatebil. 1 place Valersladden gatebil, 1 place Extreme Drift Challenge, Botonia Ring, Finland
2005: 1 place Extreme Drift Challenge, Alastaro, Finland
2004: Rally N3 2004 Civic type R; 6 firstplaces, 3 second places,1 third place.
2003: Peugeot 206 Cup; 5 firstplaces, 3 secondplaces, 3 thirdplaces.

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